Here’s hoping it’s not a three-minute wonder

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Watching trailers for upcoming movies in a darkened cinema is, depending on your mood, either a perk or a pain in the backside.

We’ve all known ‘trailer movies’ where the very best of all the gags and storyline are crammed into a three minute clip making the need to actually pay good money to watch the absolute dirge which pads it out to two hours, appears like a very serious case of advertising regulation infringement.

It’s like reading the blurb on the back of a book, but rather than simply provide a brief overview of the sort of content you’re about to encounter, it runs you through all the major plot twists and turns, introduces you to all the major characters, and hints pretty heavily at just what the ‘big reveal’ is going to be.

Because as much as I love a good trailer and find myself frequently as chuffed I’ve been given a glimpse at a future blockbuster as to the full length feature I’ve paid to watch, the cold hard facts are that trailers more often than not spoil films.

The best are those which give only the tinniest hint at what it is come. A mere nudge in the popcorn-guzzling audience’s collective side. Like dangling a piece of delicious chocolate, dipped in hot chocolate and covered in scrummy chocolate bits into your open mouth only to whisk it out again after your senses become consumed by the lure of what might have been and what could still be.

Which brings us nicely to The Life of Pi.

Now, I know this is a book. I know it was penned by Yann Martel, and I know it won the Booker Prize. At least, I did for sure, after checking it out on Wikipedia.

But any more than that, I have no idea.

And, clearly, it has now been made into a film – and one which must reach our shores pretty soon, seeing as it is forming part of the pre-Bond movie appetisers at local flea pits everywhere.

Yet the trailer looks so glorious, and so thoroughly mystifying that it reminds us of what a good trailer should be.

It should intrigue. It should capture the imagination. It should, most importantly, not give the storyline away.

And, ultimately, it should make you want to sell a couple of fingers in order to fund a ticket to have the mystery resolved.

It may, of course, prove to be absolute and complete arse of the highest order, and I may well consider those two pinkies a very high price to pay for an appalling movie.

But given it is supposed to lure me in it did a fine job.

The best trailers, I know, are normally for films that end up about as thrilling as watching a dog turd decompose for two hours, but this looks like it could buck the trend.

And if it doesn’t, the movie industry can at least rejoice in the fact that they have, once again, got the hang of a damn fine trailer.


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